Monthly Archives: February 2012

Compare rental car rates and book through rome2rio

We’re continuing to build out rome2rio to offer a complete travel product to our users. This week’s addition is rental car search, which is offered through a partnership with Car Trawler. To search for rental cars, select the cars window from the new welcome screen carousel and search.


As with rome2rio’s transport search, you can specify any city, town, postcode or address for the pickup location. Rome2rio then searches rental cars from several providers, lists the rental options and lets you book your rental car immediately.


We’ve also added a new car rental option to each of the driving legs of rome2rio’s transport search results. 


As with hotels, rental car bookings made through rome2rio provide us with a commission. So if you like the service, help us make some revenue and book your rental car through us.


Browse train, bus, ferry routes with new transport view

We’ve added a new feature to rome2rio that makes it easier to explore your transport options. To activate the feature, click on the Transport button at the top-right corner of the map.


This will activate a new transport view, where we overlay all the train (blue), bus (green) and ferry (aqua) routes that rome2rio knows about on the map. Airports are also displayed as orange dots. You can easily view, for example, the train network of Spain as well as ferry links to Morocco:


The new view is also great for quickly visualizing where rome2rio has coverage. For example, we recently added the entire bus network of Seattle to rome2rio which is obvious from the swathe of green covering the city in transport view.


So, if you love to travel by rail, boat and bus like we do, use rome2rio to plan your next trip and be inspired by all the exciting destinations that are accessible without flying.

rome2rio serves its 1 millionth query

Yesterday the one millionth query was issued on rome2rio since we launch the site in April last year. A user from Portland, Oregon searched how to get from Portland Airport to Pistol River. Rome2rio nailed the query by presenting several alternatives including driving, taking the bus, and 4 flight options. 

It’s an exciting milestone for us since we’re still a small “garage startup” and so far we haven’t spent a cent on any form of marketing to promote rome2rio. Most users hear about the site through word of mouth, often through viral email threads. Here’s one such email we uncovered:


Over 120,000 people used rome2rio in January. Visitors come from around the globe, including from India, United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Canada.

Today we plotted all 1 million destinations searched for by our users on a world map:


This year we will continue to improve rome2rio and further expand train, bus and ferry coverage as we target our 10 millionth query!