Introducing The Global Flight Pricing Ranking

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When Rome2rio first wrote about this topic, back in December 2012, we didn’t realise how much interest our analysis would generate. Tnooz also carried the post as a guest article, and between them, the two pages attracted thousands of readers: not bad for an analysis of airline pricing, heavy on data science and light on celebrity gossip.

Now, almost four years later, we’ve decided to take another look at our model, and see how things have changed. Once again, our analysis is intended to be a conversation starter, not a definitive statement on pricing trends or a given airline’s place in any particular pecking order. Our focus remains on airlines; prices for trains, buses, ferries and taxis tend to be more constant than airfares, which fluctuate with supply and demand. However, airfares do follow certain obvious trends; longer flights cost more, and some airlines are more expensive per km flown than others. We’ve analysed our data to provide a snapshot of global pricing across international and domestic carriers.

Top 50 Global Flight Pricing

To delve further into the full report visit Rome2rio Labs.


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